What Happens When You Swallow A Pill

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Rest of the videos: svfrom.info/round/dkQzfvvGV5BdVmsPUNi4Dw
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Joshua Nolan
Joshua Nolan 2 månader sedan
Ok now do suppository pills
獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ 28 dagar sedan
The Noob
The Noob 29 dagar sedan
Zingy5000 Månad sedan
adam_gameplays Månad sedan
@Oveo gg on the heart
I'm Andrew
I'm Andrew Månad sedan
@Larson Prospecting stfu
Jahvarnbillions 39 minuter sedan
When your plan works but you screw up at the same time *1:06* 1:06
Sassy Tangerine
Sassy Tangerine Timme sedan
That mushroom part might be about the coolest thing I've ever seen
brynnn x
brynnn x 5 timmar sedan
1:41 is this why terraria music is weird in mushroom biomes?
savannah Hunter
savannah Hunter 12 timmar sedan
Why the hell they are helping a damn bat they are the ones who bought covid to this world like wtf!!!??
doot 20 timmar sedan
my respect for the cameraman that went inside someone’s stomach: 📈📈📈📈📈
Chase Zolinski
Chase Zolinski 23 timmar sedan
The Raccoons were like when the roof fell in Ratatouille.
xSunflower_ Sheepx
xSunflower_ Sheepx Dag sedan
The thumbnail legit looks like a parrot wearing ski goggles
an cheez latex beast -SCP GAMER PL-
an cheez latex beast -SCP GAMER PL- Dag sedan
2:32 the hover craft is named ZUBR
Siddharth Dag sedan
The video thumbnail is kinda sus
shroom moon
shroom moon Dag sedan
the baby looks like its tired of people already
TheHedgefrog Dag sedan
What is up with russians have the military power of 10 suns
Apollo Miles
Apollo Miles Dag sedan
Imagine how viral you would be on tik tok
Territory Dag sedan
1:55 I finally understand why the mushroom biome music sounds like that in Terraria...
Ukiiyo Dag sedan
why do mushrooms sound better than my cousins new mixtape?
Da Baby
Da Baby 2 dagar sedan
Mushrooms gonna drop that playlist tho? I need to sample it
StoneTheMason 2 dagar sedan
StoneTheMason 2 dagar sedan
Pill manufacturers making some unintentional art...
Soldier5850 2 dagar sedan
0:35 when you get stream sniped
Mike 649Foxx
Mike 649Foxx 2 dagar sedan
Aww man, that bat. Bless the people who help him to fly.
Adan-Jose Fuentes
Adan-Jose Fuentes 2 dagar sedan
ThatOneAsshole 2 dagar sedan
That bat was so wholesome
Downhill 2 dagar sedan
02:30 why does this baby look like someone who will be named "Frank", going to be fed up from his job in the future, divorced while losing his hair and becoming bald and fat due to stress all at once
yankes 2 dagar sedan
SuperLalulalu 2 dagar sedan
thats what you gonna hear after you take shroom right?
Sammy Boy
Sammy Boy 2 dagar sedan
1:47 this is somehow both not what I expected and exactly what I was excepting
Boxed by Kubic
Boxed by Kubic 2 dagar sedan
2:32 No way that is at a hovercraft museum near me!
Communified 2 dagar sedan
2:02 why does this sound exactly what you’d expect a mushroom forest biome noises to sound like
Toxitaku 2 dagar sedan
Ok now that proves that moshrooms are just drugs created by the earth
It's me Darkie
It's me Darkie 2 dagar sedan
this is basically the intro to how to sell drugs online fast
wingedcheetah1247 2 dagar sedan
The hover craft be like: grand theft real
wingedcheetah1247 22 timmar sedan
@fantastic gamer ???
fantastic gamer
fantastic gamer Dag sedan
Micah Alexander
Micah Alexander 2 dagar sedan
2:28 - Hank from Breaking Bad
Dwagon 2 dagar sedan
Mushrooms dropping fire
Christopher Hou
Christopher Hou 2 dagar sedan
Terraria mushroom biome vibes
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira 2 dagar sedan
0:33 Throw a grenade in there lol
MPanda Magix
MPanda Magix 2 dagar sedan
Trainer LSW
Trainer LSW 2 dagar sedan
So it’s just edible matter with something inside?
Dekkie Bird
Dekkie Bird 3 dagar sedan
so this is what's happening to my Tylenol right now haha
raccony 3 dagar sedan
0:40 just a normal party
exoticslowpokers 3 dagar sedan
I thought it was how a pill looked like when you swallow it but ok
Jack The Ax
Jack The Ax 3 dagar sedan
Adam Ant
Adam Ant 3 dagar sedan
The future is now, mushroom man
Latrell Jack
Latrell Jack 3 dagar sedan
2:24 that baby looks 30 years old 😂😂
Henri F.
Henri F. 3 dagar sedan
Mushroom music sounds like Metroid
xubiastral 3 dagar sedan
Those mushrooms make some good terraria music
SkyloverMC 3 dagar sedan
I don’t.
Eric Li
Eric Li 3 dagar sedan
2:30 In the future: Come with me if you want to live.
TheRadicalRats 3 dagar sedan
Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner
Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner 3 dagar sedan
Celeste Loveland
Celeste Loveland 3 dagar sedan
So mushrooms sound just as weird as they look?
Captain Rick
Captain Rick 3 dagar sedan
Notice how the mushroom sounds sound a lot like the mushroom cave music in terraria? I think that's where they got the inspiration.
Collin Deden
Collin Deden 3 dagar sedan
So that's how terraria got the funky music in the mushroom biomes
Victor com C
Victor com C 4 dagar sedan
those mushrooms got that beat tho
milman 32
milman 32 4 dagar sedan
the mushroom video sounded like terraria music
Zoro Roronoa
Zoro Roronoa 4 dagar sedan
mushrooms really are magical
Zoro Roronoa
Zoro Roronoa 4 dagar sedan
raccoons are so cute!
Timon Aigner
Timon Aigner 4 dagar sedan
Einfach htsdof intro am anfang😂
Sity Bakiki
Sity Bakiki 4 dagar sedan
And here I am, still can't swallow a pill😭
Martin Pruus
Martin Pruus 4 dagar sedan
Rayyy_789 4 dagar sedan
0:39 it’s just a small family reunion
random-passenger 4 dagar sedan
2:28 haters gonna tell it is deepfake
EbraYT 4 dagar sedan
Pill: *tiny drop of water* Pill: *ascend to heaven*
Philippine Gamer studio
Philippine Gamer studio 4 dagar sedan
2:57 that looks like a kendama kind of trick
dubai_ life
dubai_ life 4 dagar sedan
me: gets in trouble my mom: gets a belt me who sits on the roof so my mom cant get me my mom: *swings the belt at me so she can hit me* my mom that accidently hits my lego box the legos falling on my mom: 1:02
brilyman 4 dagar sedan
am i the only one that thinks its wild new born babies look somehow 45 years old
dubai_ life
dubai_ life 4 dagar sedan
my mom: comes back after a vacation *me and my friends hear the door open* my mom: *happens to open the door and finds me and my friends all with nerf guns and bandages on our heads* me and my friends: 0:36
Nathaniel West
Nathaniel West 4 dagar sedan
Thats the top half of pack a punch and i cant unsee it
Riwy1942 4 dagar sedan
Those are some funky fungi~
Somebody Call IXII
Somebody Call IXII 4 dagar sedan
So this is why my ADDERALL XR so damn lazy. 🙄
Diane Patrick
Diane Patrick 5 dagar sedan
Best one yet! Loved the old bat. Thank you.
Gamer X
Gamer X 5 dagar sedan
This newborn baby looks like a 89 year old.
BabyBelleCheese 5 dagar sedan
"Ello mate, you can't park there" "I KNOW I can't park here" 0:51
Ivan Zamarripa
Ivan Zamarripa 5 dagar sedan
The Legendary Knive vs Blueberry
Ivan Zamarripa
Ivan Zamarripa 5 dagar sedan
Racoon world or racoon trash world
Dovydas E
Dovydas E 5 dagar sedan
1:50 sounds like Teraria
ReadysRight 5 dagar sedan
When the mushrooms sounds like terraria you know it's wild
Veith 546
Veith 546 5 dagar sedan
It was real all along.Infected mushrooms are just mushrooms after all !
Sadie Kane
Sadie Kane 5 dagar sedan
1:51 this sounds like movie alien signals
Bone Zylaphone
Bone Zylaphone 5 dagar sedan
1:46 can't fool me, that's the terraria ost
FrightRider07 5 dagar sedan
2:43 what is that LAC.
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato 5 dagar sedan
The mushrooms sounds like that giant aircraft in that show "In the night garden"
Dogeofwar41 5 dagar sedan
the mushrooms sound like Minecraft cave sounds
Brett Bowers
Brett Bowers 5 dagar sedan
are you kidding me with the matrix mushrooms
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 5 dagar sedan
I’m going to try and leave a comment on every video this is video 238
Alex Tsang
Alex Tsang 5 dagar sedan
so that's why the blue mushroom biome in terraria sounds like that
Noggin Clontith
Noggin Clontith 5 dagar sedan
1:47 this is what being high on "mushrooms" sounds like
Jikaboo 5 dagar sedan
is it me or the baby looks kinda like bruce willis
Køi 5 dagar sedan
mushrooms can produce music now the future: *paper clips win talent show*
Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch 6 dagar sedan
Ayo those mushrooms are dropping some sick beats tho
Cmdr Riotz
Cmdr Riotz 6 dagar sedan
0:41 clearly a family reunion.
JJ tube
JJ tube 6 dagar sedan
Fun fact: the guy on the Volcano was trying to take a picture but accidentally recorded
jay channel
jay channel 6 dagar sedan
2:20 my dude looks 40...damn
Idiotic 6 dagar sedan
Nobody : Thumbnail : * A M O G U S
Hollie with Caitlin
Hollie with Caitlin 6 dagar sedan
Are the mushrooms toxic or something
Sleepy Pineapple
Sleepy Pineapple 6 dagar sedan
1:30 Corona-Chan
MagicalSausage 6 dagar sedan
2:23 Bruce Willis
Deizelf 6 dagar sedan
now i know where terraria got its soundtrack
Viking ZeroOne
Viking ZeroOne 6 dagar sedan
2:14 That cloud almost looks like Yoshi, and the people cheering didn't help either. Ending up sounding like a distorted Yoshi of sorts.
Headlessgenie 6 dagar sedan
The poor bats bones are showing :(
b caswell
b caswell 6 dagar sedan
Terraria's mushroom biome music works even better knowing this lol
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