What Every Supermarket Puts On Their Apples

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Daily Dose Of Internet
Daily Dose Of Internet 3 månader sedan
Yes, Apples produce their own natural wax, but producers add a layer of wax to them. "Producers therefore spray the fruit with a thin layer of wax to prevent such moisture loss as well as to make the apple look more appealing. The applied layer is very thin, only about 3 mg of wax coat an apple." www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/you-asked/why-do-they-spray-wax-apples-0
SNEAKY Playz 4 dagar sedan
Ken Stokes
Ken Stokes 7 dagar sedan
Only in the US
•LaggyLizzy Edits•
•LaggyLizzy Edits• 11 dagar sedan
Team 7
Team 7 12 dagar sedan
That is why I peal the skin first 😎
Jessica Sanrado
Jessica Sanrado 13 dagar sedan
I don't know why...but as the days past watching your videos, I've been inlove with your voice ,LOL* 🥰😳
Sl1P&Dr1P 34 minuter sedan
0:31 oh shieat a car you know what fuck you
Elis Gliga
Elis Gliga Timme sedan
Daily dose of internet: its only a little larger than the USA Me: yeah just a little just a few million square kilometers no big deal just a little not much a little
Joe Tran
Joe Tran 3 timmar sedan
The Dog went lawn mower mode
canguru maromba
canguru maromba 3 timmar sedan
russia: is almost 2 times bigger than the usa ddo: its only a LITTLE larger than the usa
MrPhoenix1138 4 timmar sedan
The wax on those apples isn't just to make them look "shiny and fresh" although it is a desired effect. It's put there to prevent damage by cold, mold spread, and acts as a protective barrier so that one apple won't make the whole basket bad. Source: one of our customers is a manufacturer of coating products for fruits.
Jacqueline Villanueva
Jacqueline Villanueva 5 timmar sedan
Deer: Die Frosty Snowman: help plz!
Uzi Sushi
Uzi Sushi 7 timmar sedan
0:55 I just wanna grab a scissor and snip snip
Rishab Singh - B
Rishab Singh - B 7 timmar sedan
Snowman living his last breath attacked by merciless deer gets kicked brutality and daily dose of internet be like peacefully - I hope you enjoyed this video. This world future is dark my friends
lowie awa
lowie awa 9 timmar sedan
The first one is why I always wash fruits with a hard sponge after bringing them home
Jenn N
Jenn N 10 timmar sedan
I can tell what the Deer's favorite holiday is! :D *Badumtsss*
Eym Me
Eym Me 10 timmar sedan
3:15 WWE 2k21 is looking good
Eym Me
Eym Me 10 timmar sedan
2:36 Did the dog become a titan when it was about to scream?
Mc Christian Bernas
Mc Christian Bernas 11 timmar sedan
russian cat
Shaun Price
Shaun Price 12 timmar sedan
Who need slip’n slides anymore
Thymen Kuiper
Thymen Kuiper 14 timmar sedan
car: **casually driving on dirt road** kangaroo: hey let me destroy your windshield for no reason!
SpacePlayz 17 timmar sedan
The kangaroo be like: WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA MATE
SAVVA PETRIKOV 20 timmar sedan
I know im kinda late but russia is 1.7 times larger than the us.
H O L Y F R O P P Y 20 timmar sedan
2:46, did any one notice *C h a d?*
Kairan gaming
Kairan gaming 20 timmar sedan
roadman deer
Kairan gaming
Kairan gaming 20 timmar sedan
who is on the awa awa gang
Kairan gaming
Kairan gaming 20 timmar sedan
jack the kangaro after drugs 0:31
Kevin Super Charger
Kevin Super Charger 22 timmar sedan
Frosty has seen better days...
Sophia Pham
Sophia Pham 23 timmar sedan
the deer omg that deer really hates christmas
Caroline Tongi
Caroline Tongi Dag sedan
No wonder why the apples felt waxy
Alein FromEarth
Alein FromEarth Dag sedan
Fun fact, we in Europe dont have dat, we only have fresh apples
Kinang Eagle
Kinang Eagle Dag sedan
That kangaroo needed insurance money
Miner Dag sedan
Me at 0:34: help I don’t like that
pikachu with a caprisun
pikachu with a caprisun Dag sedan
so thats why my apple been tasting weird lately...
RainWolf Dag sedan
Well, at least the wax is edible.
VoidShock 9
VoidShock 9 Dag sedan
TimDefines Dag sedan
The kangaroo 😂😂😂 also hear a zoom meeting starting
ohmy small human
ohmy small human Dag sedan
1:09 Jesus Christ don't mind me, but the word for potato is so cute like plz Kartoshki?
iiStrawbxrr Dag sedan
On *THEIR* apples?
Marco Huerta
Marco Huerta Dag sedan
0:34 kangaroo: *breaks window* Car: *2 million people join zoom meeting*
Shreyas Handa
Shreyas Handa Dag sedan
Ngl we all thought of Shrek with the belly button thing
ValensBellator Dag sedan
So that bellybutton trick is weirdly horrifying to me 😂
magicstix0r Dag sedan
The wax is put on by the farm, not the supermarket... And apples have a natural wax that they wash off before putting the other wax on.
Naruto The sage
Naruto The sage Dag sedan
0:34 that kangaroo is now famous for jumping on someones windshield
Pecan animates
Pecan animates Dag sedan
1:36 why is it playing happy music, 😂
serar infinity
serar infinity 2 dagar sedan
Kangaroo: so you just gonna nearly run me over? , no you know what? F*CK YOU AND HAVE A NICE NIGHT **YEETS INTO THE WINDOW**
Shrek Kinda Ugly
Shrek Kinda Ugly 2 dagar sedan
Ardijan Shashivari
Ardijan Shashivari 2 dagar sedan
That with the apple is real
WhAt? • 4 years ago
WhAt? • 4 years ago 2 dagar sedan
0:31 kangaroo: hey wussup i was playing wrestling with my brother wanna join?
CFVBHF 2 dagar sedan
Who doesn't know: The *APPLE* develops its wax
Kate Hobbs
Kate Hobbs 2 dagar sedan
Russia is about 17 million km 2, contiguous USA is about 8 million. So this video is wrong in that respect, although generally I am a real fan.❣️
that one weirdo
that one weirdo 2 dagar sedan
Alex Evans
Alex Evans 2 dagar sedan
Bruh how could you believe that map thing you can clearly see them getting bigger and smaller as you move them
Arcarnangel Fenix
Arcarnangel Fenix 2 dagar sedan
what the frick are we eating? 0:01
Tang Swee Ching
Tang Swee Ching 2 dagar sedan
The observant cause relatively spill because deficit distally search apropos a victorious twilight. various, abject frog
Øժ 2 dagar sedan
Cat vs Potato
Adrian Alavez
Adrian Alavez 2 dagar sedan
Kat is tru komrad.
2 dagar sedan
Yeah I actually learned about the wax coating on apples from an Instagram post, also dip them in hot water to removed the wax
Jesse Fleming
Jesse Fleming 2 dagar sedan
That cat would be taken to the humane society.
Moussa Diakite
Moussa Diakite 2 dagar sedan
I love how the girl was like "STOP" then the dog growled even louder 😂
Robin Kirves
Robin Kirves 2 dagar sedan
Imagine what the wax on the Apples does to your Insides!!
Ryan Groenen
Ryan Groenen 2 dagar sedan
0:34 Grub Hub was on the phone while the kangaroo jumped on the car
Alina Le
Alina Le 2 dagar sedan
No wonder I hate apple skin
Allen Le
Allen Le 2 dagar sedan
My mom thinks that the wax is poisonous so every time she wants to eat one she scrubs it with a sponge and soap
Daenarys Stormborn
Daenarys Stormborn 3 dagar sedan
Ap Yt
Ap Yt 3 dagar sedan
A Russian cat trying to take potatoes from a Russian owner that gets angry.. Nothing surprising there
Вурсес 3 dagar sedan
1:09 отдай картошку
•MissBøba• 3 dagar sedan
Betcha that belly button holds a 3rd eye.
vey5 thor
vey5 thor 3 dagar sedan
The regular softball importantly trust because pasta intradurally beg opposite a merciful need. economic, forgetful close
ZyThe '
ZyThe ' 3 dagar sedan
That kangaroo yeeted itself lmao
ThugJeffy 3 dagar sedan
Fortnitekid 12
Fortnitekid 12 3 dagar sedan
Pudgy can I get an owa owa
Gallagher Alicia
Gallagher Alicia 3 dagar sedan
The fallacious bankbook systemically last because pumpkin differently bow near a quickest medicine. light, meaty visitor
Grady Does flips
Grady Does flips 3 dagar sedan
Snype tipe stop motion studios
Snype tipe stop motion studios 3 dagar sedan
This guy should win a trophy for being the best news source of the internet
Cynical Optimistic
Cynical Optimistic 4 dagar sedan
Kangaroo doing insurance scams lmao.
̇ 4 dagar sedan
Dockboy 2007
Dockboy 2007 4 dagar sedan
If it's edible and doesn't kill you it's fine
john doe
john doe 4 dagar sedan
Apples are not washed prior to wax coating. So the pesticide is preserved in wax. Enjoy.
nabojyoti ghosh
nabojyoti ghosh 4 dagar sedan
Love you from India
Price Tag
Price Tag 4 dagar sedan
Oddaj kartoshka
Homie 4 dagar sedan
Apples form their own layer of wax for protection...its not sprayed
tifanii noturmom
tifanii noturmom 4 dagar sedan
1:01 awww it just hungry:(
Red bucket
Red bucket 4 dagar sedan
That poor guy
šsaid 4 dagar sedan
Typical kangaroo jumpin, got one on my house the other day
Sonja Rucker
Sonja Rucker 4 dagar sedan
I'm waiting for them to come out with 😏 candles dipped in apple
Neith Aguinaldo
Neith Aguinaldo 4 dagar sedan
Eclipse 4 dagar sedan
Oh yeah I don't eat with the peel I eat with the friggin inside
Mecaton 5 dagar sedan
I died of laughter at 0:33 im sorry its messed up but its too much for me😂😭🤣😆
The Seamister
The Seamister 5 dagar sedan
0:34 they have are doing a zoom meeting in the car?!?!
James Doakes
James Doakes 5 dagar sedan
Potato: *exists* Cat: hah it's mine meow
Paula 5 dagar sedan
It's the Gemüse Messer für mich
Yato-sama's Eggso ‹•.•›
Yato-sama's Eggso ‹•.•› 5 dagar sedan
He's shaking from anger
ComedyChris 5 dagar sedan
Theres a reason we wash our veggieS ya know
Pho Genje
Pho Genje 5 dagar sedan
3:17 when santa does not pay for the ride.
Yousef Fatani
Yousef Fatani 5 dagar sedan
I'm never eating an apple again O_O
Welp now we know santas deers hate christmas because santa is abusing them for carrying a few million gifts
Well i still don't wash apples because my body is a main character body
Mr. Bradderzmush
Mr. Bradderzmush 5 dagar sedan
What's that website he used to see the real size of countries?
Why so Serious
Why so Serious 5 dagar sedan
Indian map is wrong
ᴋɪʀʙʏ 5 dagar sedan
I started wheezing when the kangaroo one hit..
DoucheBagDave 5 dagar sedan
Kangaroo nigga
prithvisam 5 dagar sedan
i do that every time when i bring an apple
Matt 5 dagar sedan
I work at a supermarket an we don't put anything on the apple or any produce
Shannon Peake
Shannon Peake 5 dagar sedan
That kangaroo like BOOONG.
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