Rare Gemstone Looks Like The Cookie Monster

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IDK 20 dagar sedan
The guy was so nice and generous for giving his dad a new brick
Pilot Training Flight Simulator Bro's
Pilot Training Flight Simulator Bro's 14 dagar sedan
Hisui Ryu
Hisui Ryu 18 dagar sedan
Xaitty.Dreams 19 dagar sedan
n0Se 19 dagar sedan
JamesStewart Taguic
JamesStewart Taguic 19 dagar sedan
CIO Timme sedan
αν το βλεπεις αυτο κανε like
Proto_Zork 5 timmar sedan
Well I need to leave florida
matija kricaj
matija kricaj 6 timmar sedan
OneCloverily YT
OneCloverily YT 14 timmar sedan
1:16 omg like i got the most combos for bananas in fruit ninja, check it out :D
hello 15 timmar sedan
The dog and cat SOOOO CUTE
Dont talk to me
Dont talk to me 20 timmar sedan
The dog and cat were the best
Seth-Nico 21 timme sedan
I’m the Lady Bug when all the Glaciers melt & Florida disappears forever.
Damian Saldana
Damian Saldana 23 timmar sedan
The dog with different eyes looked just like my grandmas dog.
Hunter Rice
Hunter Rice 23 timmar sedan
3:07 Had a sudden memory of Red vs Blue and just thought "Oh, so *that's* what happened to Florida!"
smehreja Dag sedan
i read about that gem in school
Sahrin Khan
Sahrin Khan Dag sedan
Maizey’s story
Maizey’s story Dag sedan
The dog and cat was so cute 🥰
D. A. B.
D. A. B. Dag sedan
The cat and the dog with the matching eyes is definitely the best
Willy Wanka
Willy Wanka Dag sedan
Lizard: now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae
OYASSU CR Dag sedan
Did anybody else find the banana clip really satisfying?
Gotya245 Dag sedan
So i got him a new brick
Alex Dag sedan
Considering that caffeine is a natural insecticide I'm guessing that was the deaththrows of the ladybug
Spaghettiluke Dag sedan
fruit ninja?
Anil Reddy
Anil Reddy Dag sedan
To me the gem looks like candy
Patrick Maristela
Patrick Maristela Dag sedan
2:04 bad time
Kris Unicornius
Kris Unicornius Dag sedan
I saw that on schoolastic nws
Gongoozler I am
Gongoozler I am Dag sedan
yeah because bricks are so hard to come by lol
Gongoozler I am
Gongoozler I am Dag sedan
The girl with turrets syndrome getting her COVID-19 test is how we all really feel on the inside and what we all really want to do when we get ours too lol I had to get it done twice, the first time stung but wasn't that bad and I swear the psycho lady administering it the second time intentionally made it worse because she didn't think it was working if I wasn't crying. It's so rude to make things worse for people for your own satisfaction, I don't understand that at all. Not at all.
Arun Moses
Arun Moses Dag sedan
0:39 I feel so bad for that girl
SiimplyBriellah Dag sedan
Plot twist; thats how they created cookie monster
Declan Tureski
Declan Tureski 2 dagar sedan
The funny police interestingly employ because chief prognostically settle down a befitting minute. divergent, fresh gladiolus
Okurrito Burrito
Okurrito Burrito 2 dagar sedan
Omg the ladybug is SPEEED
Angely David
Angely David 2 dagar sedan
I finally found a way to do fruit ninja in real life
David Koo
David Koo 2 dagar sedan
2:10 i never saw a dog and a cat with blue and orange eyes
Gabriel Stevenson
Gabriel Stevenson 2 dagar sedan
1:58 and the same house
False 2 dagar sedan
i thought the thumbnail was a sugar cookie
Corey Manjarrez
Corey Manjarrez 2 dagar sedan
The woman with Tourette’s has a great attitude about it
DucksAreCute 2 dagar sedan
0:22 ive seen that
Jack Max Fax Studio
Jack Max Fax Studio 2 dagar sedan
i know this stones name is geode
Archer Langfield
Archer Langfield 2 dagar sedan
I hope all the glaciers melt soon. Florida needs to go
Xural 2 dagar sedan
2:41 And that kids is why you should not drink caffeine
This Guy
This Guy 2 dagar sedan
I can’t unsee the Cookie Monster face now
Hoodie _ Comics _ YT
Hoodie _ Comics _ YT 2 dagar sedan
**is a Floridian** ... fuck...
Joshua Gano
Joshua Gano 2 dagar sedan
THAT... is Tourette's...? I woulda swore I thought i'd heard before that Tourette's was where avoiding cussing was literally impossible... was I misinformed...? O_0
Second UNIT
Second UNIT 2 dagar sedan
Im in tears laughing over tourettes girl. At least the tester was understanding.
Jenise Campbell
Jenise Campbell 3 dagar sedan
The disagreeable whale medicinally welcome because park cranially bake times a slippery soprano. ruddy, optimal quince
Asdreed Arias
Asdreed Arias 3 dagar sedan
2:13 *van gough*
Anthony L
Anthony L 3 dagar sedan
1:56 what breed of cat is that
SwiftyYT 3 dagar sedan
0:40 i feel so bad
Jason McAulay
Jason McAulay 3 dagar sedan
Those pets really came in a 2 for 1 special
Aurilistic 3 dagar sedan
Plot twist: Cookie Monster was inspired by the gemstone
kʌnt 3 dagar sedan
What a literal donut you must be to be impressed by bananas falling on a knife.
iihx roii
iihx roii 3 dagar sedan
The coffee must’ve been bussin
Omreo da Oreo the second
Omreo da Oreo the second 3 dagar sedan
Roxas Johnson
Roxas Johnson 3 dagar sedan
1:55 fan art intensifies
Jay 3 dagar sedan
If anyone asked me about the white dog and cat, I would just say "Once I got one, I just had to complete the set"
peera1 3 dagar sedan
0:20 fun fact: he bought his dad a new laptop :D
Alper Gülsever
Alper Gülsever 3 dagar sedan
2:15 this is a native Turksih art called "ebru" after painting on water we place a special paper on it.
Gaming, glitches and more
Gaming, glitches and more 3 dagar sedan
That guy playing fruit ninja was sick.
Nothing Left
Nothing Left 3 dagar sedan
1:30 that's bananas
Hi im Larry
Hi im Larry 3 dagar sedan
1:38 new rare footage of the titanic
Call Me Mark
Call Me Mark 3 dagar sedan
We can't let the glaciers melt. If we did, we wouldn't have newspaper headlines!
7 ate 9
7 ate 9 3 dagar sedan
0:10 That can't be real
` 3 dagar sedan
wHaT iF tHe gEmStOnE oNcE BeLoNgEd tO cOoKiE mWoNsTaR?
Just Someone
Just Someone 4 dagar sedan
I thought they were cookies😂
William Lee
William Lee 4 dagar sedan
Nature at its finest
Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner
Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner 4 dagar sedan
Bro that painter should be the most famous guy in the world
Rosalind Edward
Rosalind Edward 4 dagar sedan
Teresa Loh
Teresa Loh 4 dagar sedan
John Kundor
John Kundor 4 dagar sedan
Stephen Karo
Stephen Karo 4 dagar sedan
Nobita Giant
Nobita Giant 4 dagar sedan
Tamika Ayala
Tamika Ayala 4 dagar sedan
Oh noo poor woman
Great Israel
Great Israel 4 dagar sedan
Dave Alfian
Dave Alfian 4 dagar sedan
Sunio Tebolah
Sunio Tebolah 4 dagar sedan
Olsen Martinez
Olsen Martinez 4 dagar sedan
0:08 Doctor: _"cookie monster isn't real, it can't hurt you"_ *The cookie monster:*
COTTON CANDY6790 4 dagar sedan
I like your videos,my brother keeps watching them!😁
George Doug
George Doug 4 dagar sedan
Marshmellow_cookie ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Marshmellow_cookie ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 4 dagar sedan
Are u sure looks like he edited the gem stone
Jacksmellsofplums 4 dagar sedan
My daily dose of the internet while I’m having my daily dose of explosive diarrhea
SufferingSubaru 4 dagar sedan
3:10 So the only way to stop Florida man is to melt the glaciers...
SNN 4 dagar sedan
lol definitely not your best one
A B 4 dagar sedan
The guy painting on water reminded me of Kimetsu no Yaiba artstyle
Ashleigh Choi
Ashleigh Choi 4 dagar sedan
1:16 I can't be the only one thinking of fruit ninja when watching this
Pink Sapphire
Pink Sapphire Dag sedan
drippy potato
drippy potato 4 dagar sedan
If you have seen boondock saints then you'll most likely understand what teretz is
PatrioticBread 4 dagar sedan
The Stone is rare because it looks like cookie monster.
dubai_ life
dubai_ life 4 dagar sedan
when somebody drinks vine bottles be like 2:43
USSR 5 dagar sedan
Plot Twist: The cookie Monster design was stolen from that gemstone
Darramation 2008
Darramation 2008 5 dagar sedan
0:40 this is what torrets actually looks like TIK TOKERS IM POINTING AT YOU
Trilliontank 5 dagar sedan
The girl with Tourette syndrome: going in for a kiss Also her: moves randomly boyfriend: Are u having a seizure???
Noah Gassler
Noah Gassler 5 dagar sedan
0:20 @swaintrain47
NanoMan_Gaming 5 dagar sedan
cookie monster one so cap
Ayden Souders
Ayden Souders 5 dagar sedan
can we please get the glaciers to melt please
Somebody Call IXII
Somebody Call IXII 5 dagar sedan
That lady bug 🐞is my last serotonin trying to make me happy
M. G.
M. G. 5 dagar sedan
Lol cookie monster
Useless_ 5 dagar sedan
1:20 fruit ninja in real life
Soul Sniper
Soul Sniper 5 dagar sedan
0:29 The best son ever
AcedTank 101
AcedTank 101 5 dagar sedan
2:39 A ladybug drank my coffee part
Geffenleffen 5 dagar sedan
Other then the Global Warming propaganda... dec content my dude.
Honest review
Honest review 5 dagar sedan
Isn’t that the kid from stranger things? But also having grown up as a Floridian, might not be bad thing, idk ???
Keuli 5 dagar sedan
2:51 😂
Jessica Davison
Jessica Davison 5 dagar sedan
jayden stephanopoulos
jayden stephanopoulos 5 dagar sedan
*double bad time* 2:04
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