Porcupine Loves To Get Pet

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Thur Anz
Thur Anz 2 månader sedan
Porcupine: So this is what physical contact _feels_ like...
unknown 2 dagar sedan
@Flair Playz Actually kuandu is coendou in Czech, so he pronounced it well but only in another language, but details, who cares.
Estefani Evaristo
Estefani Evaristo 3 dagar sedan
gaster in a nutshell
gaster in a nutshell 4 dagar sedan
@excuse me ok
excuse me
excuse me 4 dagar sedan
@gaster in a nutshell s e X
gaster in a nutshell
gaster in a nutshell 4 dagar sedan
@excuse me you are not ok Im not ok too
Daddy Doge
Daddy Doge 11 minuter sedan
2:35 goddamm she thicc 😍😍
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 50 minuter sedan
Man that owl literally took the quote “You better sleep with one eye open” seriously
tae hoon oh
tae hoon oh 58 minuter sedan
The thick yew intialy fasten because sprout practically remind along a proud windshield. protective, womanly architecture
Sour Lemonade
Sour Lemonade Timme sedan
That’s what a porcupine looks like?
Good pup Bakery
Good pup Bakery 2 timmar sedan
Imagine if the owl was just flying and got hit by a semi 😂😂😂
syxis 2 timmar sedan
2:50 if i dont trust was a person
WhatupNate 3 timmar sedan
2:41 🍑
Rob Erickson
Rob Erickson 6 timmar sedan
Don't want to pet a porcupine when it's having a bad dream.
quick silver
quick silver 10 timmar sedan
>:( i fell prey to clickbait...
90's Baby
90's Baby 11 timmar sedan
That fish is always drinking so it makes since he it would have to burp
Ashford 12 timmar sedan
2:20 Tatakae
NinKenD064 16 timmar sedan
That owl must have somebody after it.
kroamoak 17 timmar sedan
Me eating Food Chokes on food How i sound like choking 1:22
Ren 19 timmar sedan
Fish burping is so cute
Kosh Naranek
Kosh Naranek 21 timme sedan
Cat girl was thick. I approve.
Almostskilled Dag sedan
I never thought i would watch a video, of a guy burping a fish..oh well.
Angel12 Boucher
Angel12 Boucher Dag sedan
So very sweet
NMBOT Dag sedan
at around 40 seconds in the video the cactus thing i had that alot
I really thought that owl was gonna get hit by a truck-
Emma Goudie
Emma Goudie Dag sedan
Meemad Omer
Meemad Omer Dag sedan
If doves have transparent eyelids how do they close their eyes to sleep?
Pony Dag sedan
0:24 infuriating
Ms. Mustachio
Ms. Mustachio Dag sedan
The Catus just No U the man
Sp Games5
Sp Games5 Dag sedan
1:41 cat be like : *PARKOUR*
Stre Led
Stre Led Dag sedan
What species of "kinda cute" rodent was that in the snow?
Boyfriend Dag sedan
DDOI: Even porcupines have dangerously sharp quills they love to ne pet Porcupine: 😐😐😑😑
Kaylee Conant
Kaylee Conant Dag sedan
anyone gunna talk about how he said dogs insted of birds
J S Dag sedan
He said doves
Joshua Baez
Joshua Baez 2 dagar sedan
1:20 me when I get woke up by my sister at 3am
RottenRroses 2 dagar sedan
Owl with one eye open and one wing in the grave.
Shloyo Miller
Shloyo Miller 2 dagar sedan
I literally had a heart attack when the owl almost hit the truck.😳
J S Dag sedan
RarePixel 2 dagar sedan
F i s h B u r p
Erroll Leggo
Erroll Leggo 2 dagar sedan
Owl was channeling their inner Metallica.
Ehixo 2 dagar sedan
that porcupine looks prehistoric
Asta 2 dagar sedan
the owl cant be catch lacking
Spooky 2 dagar sedan
Burbing fish
shock nameblast
shock nameblast 2 dagar sedan
2:58 Owl: huh? Owl:*looks* Owl:*looks back at human Owl who are you
Samuel Little
Samuel Little 2 dagar sedan
Why did it look like the man was using a snake to remove the from the guy's leg 0:35
Eliana Haygood
Eliana Haygood 2 dagar sedan
that pig is me being pulled from my bed in the morning.
Michael F
Michael F 3 dagar sedan
Was the owl gripping his pillow tight too??
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 3 dagar sedan
0:38 So, that "Ahh.." sound was on sherlock's phone!!!
BushGames 3 dagar sedan
2:21 I know he said ducks but did anyone else kind of heard the word dog?
Sophie L
Sophie L 3 dagar sedan
The evasive postage universally claim because sausage overwhelmingly unfasten vice a overrated step. voracious, well-to-do refrigerator
eric cooks
eric cooks 3 dagar sedan
0:59 thought that horse going to start flying
cece sarinana
cece sarinana 3 dagar sedan
The callous transaction multivariably challenge because cormorant immunohistologically earn with a willing fear. fantastic, lush pest
geraldthe Pirate
geraldthe Pirate 3 dagar sedan
The fish sounds like a demon trying to eat my toes
Noriaki Brando
Noriaki Brando 3 dagar sedan
Groad 3 dagar sedan
Feeling had about eating ham now
gkgamer x
gkgamer x 3 dagar sedan
i hate when people act like animals mom or dad, wtf? it's weird... it's pet not your child... or at least i hope it is not 😓
Daddy Thanos
Daddy Thanos 3 dagar sedan
0:32 listen to this with your eyes closed.
Heimlich Niccals: Clown Enthusiast
Heimlich Niccals: Clown Enthusiast 3 dagar sedan
so today I heard a fish burp. huh.
Keelo 3 dagar sedan
When he said "Come on,Dad!" I felt that.
Estefani Evaristo
Estefani Evaristo 3 dagar sedan
I can’t stop laughing over the horse 😂 it reminds of me when I jump lol
Bronki X
Bronki X 3 dagar sedan
1:42 this is why you never get a cat. they are annoying and they dont have any love an affection. all they do is scratch and make everyones lives worse.
Manaia Shimamoto
Manaia Shimamoto 3 dagar sedan
eww its ugly lol
Gang Activity
Gang Activity 3 dagar sedan
Hey what are you doing aden😭🤣😂🤣😭
Nate Dawg
Nate Dawg 3 dagar sedan
So cute
rkon 3 dagar sedan
listening to the cactus bit with my eyes closed was the worst decision of my life
Jennifer Webb
Jennifer Webb 4 dagar sedan
I never new fish can burp instill now
Rose Martin
Rose Martin 4 dagar sedan
I a fine if that owl got hit by a truck
Rose Martin
Rose Martin 4 dagar sedan
Shifter 4 dagar sedan
Takes a pet no problem, that's a good porcupine right there.
Mr. Seal
Mr. Seal 4 dagar sedan
What the point of eye lids if you can see throw them?
Heyyoo 4 dagar sedan
Petting porcupines is like petting a cactus don't recommend it
Ryan de Kwaadsteniet
Ryan de Kwaadsteniet 4 dagar sedan
That girl with the cat literally has the force
Ben 4 dagar sedan
At 1:51 it is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life 🤣 😂.
Thom Harrison
Thom Harrison 4 dagar sedan
Porky Pine...
zach phay
zach phay 4 dagar sedan
The only downside of a porcupine is that u can only pet it from one direction
Bruh moment
Bruh moment 4 dagar sedan
Man if I could give immortality to any person on earth, it’d be this guy
Somebody Call IXII
Somebody Call IXII 4 dagar sedan
Omg... that's the most wettest fart I have ever heard
Evan Fowler
Evan Fowler 5 dagar sedan
3:11 to 3:21 were really cool. That is a nice outtro!
Black Prior
Black Prior 5 dagar sedan
"omg it's kind of cute🥰" "RaHaHaRaHaHa"
Not-FrisKy 5 dagar sedan
yo how tf do doves sleep then
Davidj7 Jarrah
Davidj7 Jarrah 5 dagar sedan
The aware gosling comprehensively roll because pastry objectively need astride a ten surfboard. spurious, living tractor
Julian Handy
Julian Handy 5 dagar sedan
2:07 Pinky, you’re Momma’s girls remember?! Pinky: *ÆÃÅÆĘÊE*
Sean McCann
Sean McCann 5 dagar sedan
I thought that owl was gonna die for a second
BARTMAN88 5 dagar sedan
Cactus had me dieing 😆
MisterMilo 5 dagar sedan
Ending sounded like a how to video in 2009
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee 5 dagar sedan
whats the point of having eye lids if u can see through them like ???
AiliA's Corner
AiliA's Corner 5 dagar sedan
I'd like to think that the owl was undergoing assassin training, wherein he needs to keep half of his brain awake while the other half sleeps.
Cosmin Andrei
Cosmin Andrei 5 dagar sedan
Michael Ignatius
Michael Ignatius 5 dagar sedan
me after wake and get ready to school 2:51
Memetroller god
Memetroller god 5 dagar sedan
Horse: *sees bird flying* Horse again: if birds can fly then i can fly :D Horse:OUCHHHHHHHHHH
The Three Amigo’s
The Three Amigo’s 5 dagar sedan
Bro after the fish Burps he goes “is dat better”
N Admin
N Admin 5 dagar sedan
How to get the transparent eye lid ? Asking for a friend!!!
medexamtoolsdotcom 5 dagar sedan
That doesn't change the fact that the porcupine has a face like a pig with down syndrome. If it had quills and was CUTE, that would be one thing. But it just goes to show, in real life, just because you have bad stats in one thing, it doesn't mean you'll have good stats in something else in order to be a balanced character. Better to go with a cat.
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 5 dagar sedan
I’m going to try and leave a comment on every video this is video 232
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez 5 dagar sedan
Corek BleedingHollow
Corek BleedingHollow 5 dagar sedan
0:58 oh God, if a rider was on that horse...
Corek BleedingHollow
Corek BleedingHollow 5 dagar sedan
0:46 LOL
Nicolas Lima
Nicolas Lima 5 dagar sedan
1:08 wow i dind,t knew
Mario E.
Mario E. 5 dagar sedan
2:45 - A true Metallica fan...
JEFF BE 5 dagar sedan
Porcupine Loves to be or GET PETTED, not "GET PET." Please learn English grammar.
SleepyCreepy-QuidProQuoJoe BejingBiden
SleepyCreepy-QuidProQuoJoe BejingBiden 5 dagar sedan
1:39 cats in a nutshell
K 1389
K 1389 6 dagar sedan
So basically a porcupine is a hedgehog that leveled up
Roger Mckinney
Roger Mckinney 6 dagar sedan
Pinky is not mama's girl Pinky is daddy's girl lol
Xavier Kovacs
Xavier Kovacs 6 dagar sedan
That cat really just speed ran his house
ghost au
ghost au 6 dagar sedan
I feel like transparent eye lids would be annoying. Like imagine trying to sleep with the sun shining in your eyes and you can't sleep cause you can literally see through your eye lids.
Robert Swiney
Robert Swiney 6 dagar sedan
that little piggy squealed lol
Tan S
Tan S 6 dagar sedan
All of These
Kacper XXX
Kacper XXX 6 dagar sedan
I was today years old when I found out about existence of this animal
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