Giant Earthquake Interrupts Interview

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connected 2 månader sedan
You can tell the first dog was in a different world
Nate Thomas
Nate Thomas 15 timmar sedan
Skye Dag sedan
I think that was funny because at 0:40 the dog makes an mhm sound, which sounds like mhm but in a Russian accent. The people petting the dog are Russian, and they had just asked "do you like this?" (or more specifically, "bliss, yea?") in Russian.
Kittan Artist
Kittan Artist 19 dagar sedan
@Some Guy In The Internet its 500
Juraj Židak
Juraj Židak Dag sedan
The best thing is that i live in Croatia
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 3 dagar sedan
Someone:those an interview Earth: and I took that personally
A human.
A human. 5 dagar sedan
This earthquake happened in my country and i saw it on the news.
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 5 dagar sedan
I’m going to try and leave a comment on every video this is video 237
JJ tube
JJ tube 6 dagar sedan
🎵 *I didn’t really feel it when the earthquake happened* 🎵
i Zetto
i Zetto 6 dagar sedan
nourbxnny 7 dagar sedan
0:53 "Cat got your tongue?" lol sorry had to say that
Aryan Mohan
Aryan Mohan 8 dagar sedan
How we act after earthquake that damages property: 🤯😳😲😮😲😦 How the old man acted: 😒🤨🧐😡🤬
LiveLife 8 dagar sedan
Imma get me a doggo and kitty gosh dang it!☹😤
Crazy Funny Cats
Crazy Funny Cats 8 dagar sedan
Please make some variety for your intros thx After a few dozen vids it’s annoying a bit
Rᴏcio Orengo
Rᴏcio Orengo 8 dagar sedan
i mean, he can do whatever he wants
Crazy Funny Cats
Crazy Funny Cats 8 dagar sedan
1:22 cat sniffing soup 🍜 leftovers 😹
Wigadama 9 dagar sedan
Hey, you! Stop scrolling for a second, I've something to tell you! You know... dark times can happen. Bad days can happen, it can happen to be misunderstood, to be judged badly, and to no longer trust anything.
Mojang Deleted Me
Mojang Deleted Me 9 dagar sedan
2:03 totems of undying in minecraft be like:
COPY CAT 11 dagar sedan
ccc kayseri ccc aauuuuuuuuuuu 3:00
TECH and CRAFT 11 dagar sedan
Dabhre dabhre😂😂
dideng montero
dideng montero 11 dagar sedan
Everyone gangsta until an earthquake appeared
Petar 11 dagar sedan
I was watching the video over and over again util I realised that the mayor spoke my language. Egads. ill do some research and find out if it really is my country.
Petar 11 dagar sedan
I can't edit the comment but yes, it was in my country and compared to the time, i was sleeping. I woke up and felt some vibration. Holy cow.
Vlad Stepanchuk
Vlad Stepanchuk 12 dagar sedan
2:00 r/unexpected
Vecs Oryon
Vecs Oryon 12 dagar sedan
the earthquake reminds me of that one scene from '2012' movie
Dawn Draws
Dawn Draws 12 dagar sedan
I don't know what they were saying but daberadaberadaberadabera sounds like a magic trick sound
Guilherme Gardiman Pimentel
Guilherme Gardiman Pimentel 13 dagar sedan
humans: in 2021 we will have flying cars 2021: 1:00 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Lex R
Lex R 14 dagar sedan
0:27 thubida 🤔 thubida 🤔 thubida
Bxddd Boy Playzz
Bxddd Boy Playzz 14 dagar sedan
I just loved it when he said 6.4 magnitude earthquake and the video is in 6.4 million views 😊
RayBolt 14 dagar sedan
Me: sees owls need a little push CG5 Duolingo song: ALL YOU NEEDED WAS A LITTLE PUUUUUUUSHHHHHHHHHHH Me: take that duolingo! that's what you get for locking my parents on a tower and locking my account!
Abdallah Alaydi
Abdallah Alaydi 14 dagar sedan
Bro the earthquake is Something straight out of call of duty
Name Name
Name Name 15 dagar sedan
Why do you have the tongue of a cat
Mickstergames Battle
Mickstergames Battle 16 dagar sedan
The guy just pops a brai whip
thelastpatriot 16 dagar sedan
Dobre meaning It's OK or It's Good In the case. He is saying its OK its ok its ok he is trying to calm the people down.
Cooper King
Cooper King 16 dagar sedan
The earthquake was probably just a Teminite gig
kardan adam
kardan adam 16 dagar sedan
ooppss 3:05 turkey? I am so happy . because its about turkey
Gamer Dude
Gamer Dude 16 dagar sedan
1:24 he hid the catnip in there h did wher catnip in beard
Apu Biswas
Apu Biswas 17 dagar sedan
i don't know how but i missed this episode
Ivorgg 18 dagar sedan
That earthquake sucked
Baruy Does Art
Baruy Does Art 18 dagar sedan
why do i hear the beat of a cornhub in 3:10
Marko2903 18 dagar sedan
Xavier the creeper king
Xavier the creeper king 19 dagar sedan
My man is really drifting a plane
Dioros E. Villanueva
Dioros E. Villanueva 19 dagar sedan
0:39 we have those too (: But It was thrown away ):
C-rex Roberts
C-rex Roberts 19 dagar sedan
I bet the beard had katnip in it
alexis choeurn
alexis choeurn 19 dagar sedan
The far-flung slope endoscopically murder because acoustic naturally strap besides a fantastic letter. nondescript, decorous judge
rꪖꪀᦔꪮꪑ ρꫀrsꪮꪀ
rꪖꪀᦔꪮꪑ ρꫀrsꪮꪀ 19 dagar sedan
I’m Croatian, the earthquake was the strongest in Petrinja, but even here where I was, it was terrible and the houses could be seen going left and right.. I’m s h o o k .
zensus zensur
zensus zensur 20 dagar sedan
you can not see a 25 meter sized object 400km far away!
ultra- dado
ultra- dado 20 dagar sedan
I was in croatia 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ezzy989 20 dagar sedan
2:54 God punishing someone into the Minecraft nether
Squeaky Smith
Squeaky Smith 21 dag sedan
Where were those owls going?
Itsyaboi_Petgamer 2.0
Itsyaboi_Petgamer 2.0 21 dag sedan
Sorry guys I fell while getting the chips
Boat 22 dagar sedan
0:36 boi what the...
Philip Borgum
Philip Borgum 22 dagar sedan
So the wild is down a dark scary tube?
George Brambila
George Brambila 22 dagar sedan
imagine if an earthquake happened when you were on the Eiffel Tower
Gm Eighteen
Gm Eighteen 23 dagar sedan
That pilots has a risky talent if the tires were more deeper in the water that planes would have nose dived into the water
gbxgbxgbx 23 dagar sedan
Yuriko Kayla
Yuriko Kayla 23 dagar sedan
The dog in the mirror be like " huh so i have these fangs now "
Zoey Deu
Zoey Deu 23 dagar sedan
That interview is *ground breaking*
Shadid Alam
Shadid Alam 23 dagar sedan
Thats the best pun ever
Mammon Tustado
Mammon Tustado 23 dagar sedan
Your source links are not exact, Daily Dose Edit: I'm talking specifically about the baby owls clip. I want to see/know why they're running into the tube. Thanks to those who will answer :)
Cody and the cryptids
Cody and the cryptids 3 dagar sedan
The tube is a man made burrow, probably made for those exact owls
this man
this man 23 dagar sedan
Ever wonder what his recamended looks like
• Bunnyss •
• Bunnyss • 23 dagar sedan
earthquake happening: one guy at the back: E E E E E E
DXVEXRS 23 dagar sedan
i live in croation and a got a earthquake lucky no one was hurt not even my perents
Carita Winstead
Carita Winstead 24 dagar sedan
The paltry advertisement separately cheer because lawyer gully fire atop a hissing michael. seemly, noisy food
Nejc M.
Nejc M. 25 dagar sedan
the earthquake mayor speaked slovenian
xXSEVINHOXx 25 dagar sedan
0:42 I frikin thought that was a newborn porcupine
Babs Phillips
Babs Phillips 25 dagar sedan
At 1:15, the cat isn't obsessing with the smell of the man's is being taken back to when it hunted for it's mother's nipple in order to feed! The dog at 2:21 is HILARIOUS!!! It never occurred to me that a dog would practice it's mean look! So funny!
Rylan Newell
Rylan Newell 26 dagar sedan
The cat tongue is cool and all and then you realize it’s probably dead and thats why they’re able to touch it so much😐😐
Squeaky Smith
Squeaky Smith 21 dag sedan
Just stop!
BrettLexine World
BrettLexine World 26 dagar sedan
them after the earthquake habara habare habara
Griffin Kennedy
Griffin Kennedy 26 dagar sedan
2:22 that right there, folks, is Boris the Animal
Hamna Shujaat
Hamna Shujaat 26 dagar sedan
Regret Spaghet
Regret Spaghet 26 dagar sedan
Me, who’s from Croatia but can’t understand: mOm cAn yOu tRaNsLaTe tHiS pLeAsEee
Velocity X
Velocity X 26 dagar sedan
Man: shaves his beard Cat: who are you? And what are you doing here?
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 26 dagar sedan
0:56 no wonder why when cat licks you it feels like hurts but good?
TheArtcicMan TAM
TheArtcicMan TAM 27 dagar sedan
i live in slovenia thats literally next to croatia and we felt it alot
Demeulenaere Saskia
Demeulenaere Saskia 27 dagar sedan
02:06: he Needs Some milk
Rosa Heickman
Rosa Heickman 27 dagar sedan
Maybe the guy put catnip in his beard
Vince Borabo
Vince Borabo 27 dagar sedan
0:58 Naruto reference
luis valdez
luis valdez 27 dagar sedan
2:00 yo that was sick
G-games 27 dagar sedan
I was there when the earth quake happend😭 it was really scary tho
Jimbo Crispy
Jimbo Crispy 28 dagar sedan
0:15 do the stanky leg
Rasap Rubson
Rasap Rubson 28 dagar sedan
Im from that city where the earthquake hit and it was something that we will remember for generations. Hope that everything will come back to its place because its a mess here.
Jeffery Chou
Jeffery Chou 28 dagar sedan
"Luckily no one was hurt" The people who were hurt: Is my life a joke to you
Gabrijel Macinkovic
Gabrijel Macinkovic 28 dagar sedan
Where are my Croatians at?
Tg11 29 dagar sedan
1:35 I was there xD
Steele_elite_skate Månad sedan
2:00 man’s a 500 pounder but he can still land those bry whips
Snicker le Gamer
Snicker le Gamer Månad sedan
I didn’t know puma made a flying boat
Joshua Phillips
Joshua Phillips Månad sedan
Earthquakes are so crazy to me man, I've never experienced one.
Prakash J
Prakash J Månad sedan
The Legend
The Legend Månad sedan
Translating 0:17 : EASY, EASY, EASY, EASY... ITS GOOD its good its good
Felipe Herrera salinas
Felipe Herrera salinas Månad sedan
6.2 isn’t a earthquake, we live in Chile and if you don’t have buildings destroyed or ships in the street it isn’t an earthquake. LOL
Levi Zhang
Levi Zhang Månad sedan
looks like the moon was out his render distance
Jeri Grigg
Jeri Grigg Månad sedan
I think the cat wants to use the beard instead of its litter box 😂
Lynda Brown
Lynda Brown Månad sedan
Catnip oil in beard😃
The Dolphin
The Dolphin Månad sedan
Who else spends hours on their videos and gets 40 views imagine everyone who liked this comment subbed lol that would be crazy
pls forgibe me senpai
pls forgibe me senpai Månad sedan
Where the fuck was he putting those owls looks like he just pushed them into a hole
Rex Mccrea
Rex Mccrea Månad sedan
1:29 cat be like "WHAT SHAMPOO DO YOU USE" man be like "i dont know" cat be like "I DONT CARE TELL ME
Almond Milk•
Almond Milk• Månad sedan
Almond Milk•
Almond Milk• Månad sedan
He should put cat food in there 👀
Sonya Vincent
Sonya Vincent Månad sedan
That baby armadillo looks like Baby Yoda's soft toy.
Kode141 Månad sedan
My parents: let's go to the fucking top of the Eiffel Tower Me: *there a reason they call it the "i fell" Tower*
Brown & White Hamster
Brown & White Hamster Månad sedan
Mayor: hears earthquake Also Mayor: alright back to the scene. Earthquake: am i a joke to you?
Jackie 8253
Jackie 8253 Månad sedan
Idk know why but the close up of the cat tongue straight up almost gave me an anxiety attack. I no longer like cats.
Judah Rahael Porquez
Judah Rahael Porquez Månad sedan
Actually in 0:42 it is a cheeta's toung
L.J. Smith
L.J. Smith Månad sedan
0:49 hmmmmmm
Croissant :{
Croissant :{ Månad sedan
Ah yes,Im from Croatia Our relatives had to flee and their home in Petrinja was ruined They couldnt sleep because the tiniest noise made them jump awake The earthquakes kept going on and on new ones and aftershocks People lost their homes snd all during covid yes
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