Friendly Cat Scares Away Delivery Man

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Perplexed Kaleb
Perplexed Kaleb Månad sedan
"The duck army is rising" Never thought I'd hear daily dose of internet say that.
Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil 5 dagar sedan
Because it’s a very serious topic
toasted mistake's alt
toasted mistake's alt 12 dagar sedan
Niko Fan
Niko Fan 16 dagar sedan
And that calmly as well
Mats Waijers
Mats Waijers Månad sedan
Hey i wanted to comment that :(
Thedster123 Månad sedan
What if Daily Dose of Internet didn't say that and he was Mind controlled by Ducks
l l
l l 16 timmar sedan
1-30 lets go boys to the dong and back!
Software Engineer
Software Engineer 22 timmar sedan
Cat: "Whats up fellow black specie" Man: "Holly shit, what a scary black cat, ... its definitely bad luck"
Rithvika S
Rithvika S Dag sedan
Owner: let's go outside me: omg the dog can go on a jumping contest
arun krishnan
arun krishnan Dag sedan
That damn squirrel
Fefek1 Dag sedan
The cat at the beginning really reminds me of when I went to the balcony at my step sister's house and when I returned and turned my head her cat was like 10 cm away from my head staring at me while standing on a shelf next to the door and I got terrified
Boyfriend Dag sedan
Cat: Hug pls Delivery guy: Im so not a cat person
cookie fics
cookie fics Dag sedan
That damn squirrel is at it again
Phill Huddleston
Phill Huddleston 2 dagar sedan
So every time we bleed millions of Sonic rings shoot out?
SakuraIce22 2 dagar sedan
Ohhh my bedroom window used to do that projection thing, I could see a big energy pole, my backyard trees and the clouds going by, it was so cool
Harold Richardson
Harold Richardson 2 dagar sedan
Mychael myers mask
warlockostia 2 dagar sedan
camera oscura it's just traslating of "dark room" (room=stanza oscura=dark but also can mean, unknow, undiscovered) in italian (wich is my language)
Allon Mielke
Allon Mielke 2 dagar sedan
I did learn something new! I learned that I don't ever want to be on top of a wind turbine!!
Hunter McDonough
Hunter McDonough 2 dagar sedan
All hail the duck king 🦆
its jurcis
its jurcis 3 dagar sedan
That ain’t a dog thats a kangaroo
Radioactivian 3 dagar sedan
The way he says "the duck army is rising" so calmly
Amit Patel
Amit Patel 3 dagar sedan
0:43 it happens naturally, mostly in the evening time
Rosalind Edward
Rosalind Edward 4 dagar sedan
Great Israel
Great Israel 4 dagar sedan
Ben Bastian
Ben Bastian 4 dagar sedan
Bawang Putih
Bawang Putih 4 dagar sedan
TheAdvertisement 4 dagar sedan
2:30 Hearing Daily Dose of Internet simply state "The duck army is rising" activated my fight or flight instinct.
Sunio Tebolah
Sunio Tebolah 4 dagar sedan
DaHeala 4 dagar sedan
delivery dude definitely had some PTSD as soon as he saw the cat he was having vietnam flashbacks
ths_ultra101 4 dagar sedan
What’s the point of having a hatch at the top of the wind turbine because I would see it as top falling falling falling ground
Elias McKee
Elias McKee 5 dagar sedan
That goddamned squirrel and his acorn...
Sandristas 009
Sandristas 009 5 dagar sedan
0:41 es dificil explicar la emocion que se siente al escuchar algo en español dentro de un video en ingles xdd
Ryan Kellner
Ryan Kellner 5 dagar sedan
Looks like that squirrel lost his acorn again
A potato flowing around
A potato flowing around 5 dagar sedan
2:35 Look at all those chimken
Kayne Gemmell
Kayne Gemmell 5 dagar sedan
The crack in the ice berg Ice age: that damn squirrel and it’s acorn
Pewdiepie Sweden
Pewdiepie Sweden 5 dagar sedan
1:56 that stupid squirrel
Hermit 5 dagar sedan
1:58 stupid squirrel.
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 5 dagar sedan
I’m going to try and leave a comment on every video this is video 247
MaverickPlayzYT 5 dagar sedan
Hjonk Hjonk am goose...
JEFF BE 5 dagar sedan
The duck army is actually an army of Geese.
Hey, It's Clover
Hey, It's Clover 6 dagar sedan
2:31 The way you said "The Duck Army Is Rising" so calmly with no context sends red flags. You're kinda sus, man
XeniaFN 6 dagar sedan
Funny Name
Funny Name 6 dagar sedan
1:56 that damn squirrel
the king of jesters
the king of jesters 6 dagar sedan
At the end of the biking clip he looks like he drives off
the king of jesters
the king of jesters 6 dagar sedan
I love cats
Kleb 6 dagar sedan
1:08 yeah the cat loves *something* about her
Connie Love
Connie Love 6 dagar sedan
I could watch these videos for hours
NoFearDeath 6 dagar sedan
1:38 oh hell no
Burritos Rock
Burritos Rock 6 dagar sedan
Plot twist: aliens were coming to take the ducks away so they ran
jojie salagan riveral
jojie salagan riveral 6 dagar sedan
00:50 ive seen this personally my sister is walking outside of our house but is saw her on the little light projection from the sun from a small hole walking with her cloaths color is on detail
Infernal 6 dagar sedan
2:53 is this... ultra instinct???!??!!?!?!!??
Dashing 6 dagar sedan
Cat:meow Delivery guy:*recites enchantment table*
A. Tripșa
A. Tripșa 6 dagar sedan
“Here is an extreme closeup of what your blood looks like.” The fucking matrix. i knew it.
Go 6 dagar sedan
Cat: "Meow" Delivery guy: "This cuteness is over the line"
Tearzz 6 dagar sedan
1:56 that fucking ice age squirrel
Hugo Gojibiter
Hugo Gojibiter 7 dagar sedan
The last clip straight up gave me vertigo. When that latch opened and the camera readjusted to the light I sorta shook in place trying to make sure I was secure, and also held on to my phone a bit harder as to not drop it. That was weird as hell
Mahde Higaze
Mahde Higaze 7 dagar sedan
1:55 that damn squirrel...
Gloinink 7 dagar sedan
I love how daily dose has such a cool and calm voice and then he said “the duck army is rising”
Thestamp 7 dagar sedan
0:50 projectors before technology
sinza. 7 dagar sedan
Every time I see close ups of blood cells, my blood aches. Idk why, but it aches.
Nobody is Perfect
Nobody is Perfect 7 dagar sedan
Maybe it ist a unfriendly Cat.
Aarya Rahate
Aarya Rahate 7 dagar sedan
Covid 19 - 😨😨😨😨😨 Duck Army - 🔫🦆 🔫🦆 🔫🦆 🧨🧨🧨 🔫🦆 🔫🦆 🔫🦆
Little Pez
Little Pez 7 dagar sedan
“The duck army is rising” Me: Just like the simulations
Kevin Simmons
Kevin Simmons 7 dagar sedan
That dog got hops
Amartuvshin Anar
Amartuvshin Anar 7 dagar sedan
The blood cells do be vibin
Movie central
Movie central 7 dagar sedan
1:49 im scared to bike when its rocky sheesh
Yeet Yeeta
Yeet Yeeta 8 dagar sedan
one misplaced rock and the dude on the bike is done for
SpookyJohnathan 8 dagar sedan
I hope that dude stuck inside the wind turbine is okay 🙁
Wolf. 8 dagar sedan
tHe dUcK aRmY iS rIsInG 🤔😂
Lindsay McGhee
Lindsay McGhee 8 dagar sedan
At “1:47 “ if he lost control he ded
Chanting In The Dark
Chanting In The Dark 8 dagar sedan
That Antarctic use shelf breaking off is really bad news. 😢
Meme Boi
Meme Boi 8 dagar sedan
Lukas Doofus
Lukas Doofus 8 dagar sedan
0:47 fun fact. This is how they used to draw pictures of people. They would use glass and a projected imagine to draw perfect pics
Devon Benton
Devon Benton 8 dagar sedan
Shes not only a streamer, if you know what i mean
TAKEVEVO 8 dagar sedan
That camera obscura shit is 🔥
Matieski Art
Matieski Art 9 dagar sedan
1:59 oh god its like that one movie about a new ice age after a dude collecting ice samples fucks up and splits off a shit ton of iceberg oh god oh fuck
Crystal Draffin
Crystal Draffin 9 dagar sedan
Cat: *hi-* The guy: *fu-k this sh-t im out*
Jamdoll 9 dagar sedan
all hail lord DUCK
broken toaster
broken toaster 9 dagar sedan
bruh the last one was so scary oml haha
A r i
A r i 9 dagar sedan
When I saw the blood I was like “so I ate that!?”
Sandhya Rai
Sandhya Rai 9 dagar sedan
Cat 😆
hollypuff 9 dagar sedan
I like how casually he says "The duck army is rising"
Wigadama 9 dagar sedan
ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ?
Frogail 9 dagar sedan
de eerste tho. dikke honden lul DHL OwO
Ambrose Bezuidenhout
Ambrose Bezuidenhout 9 dagar sedan
The duck army is here in South Africa they are speaking afrikaans and the said"There is a few of them"
Starcr8zy 9 dagar sedan
1:05 no she loves the booba
My Name
My Name 9 dagar sedan
Im Batman
Im Batman 9 dagar sedan
Its the Age of Ducktron
Puffy Pinkpoo
Puffy Pinkpoo 9 dagar sedan
Kian Simpson
Kian Simpson 9 dagar sedan
His voice was so calming up until he said "the duck army is rising." Terrifying
banana 9 dagar sedan
_*the duck army is rising"_ **remembers the amount of chicken nuggets I ate**
banana 6 dagar sedan
@The King Of Stock Images okay but it's just the fact that I said it out loud in front of my parents and they said "where di we go wrong"
The King Of Stock Images
The King Of Stock Images 6 dagar sedan
@banana people make mistakes it’s natural
banana 6 dagar sedan
@The King Of Stock Images wait I thought chicken nuggets were made with duck meat. Nevermind I just said it out loud and now I feel like a dumbasss
The King Of Stock Images
The King Of Stock Images 6 dagar sedan
@banana no as in like ducks won’t care if you are chicken nuggets (keyword chicken)
banana 6 dagar sedan
@The King Of Stock Images hell
Soppi-_- 9 dagar sedan
The duck army be like: me be like: oh ur duckajesty (ur majesty)
Samil TDM
Samil TDM 9 dagar sedan
The duck army is rising -Daily dose of intermet
Dadada Duck
Dadada Duck 9 dagar sedan
1:15 chilled cow
지개미오너 9 dagar sedan
2:19 so cute lol almost fly
Finn Small
Finn Small 9 dagar sedan
2:32 look at all those chickens
Offroad Outlaws
Offroad Outlaws 9 dagar sedan
Now i want to drink my blood
nobody likes me
nobody likes me 9 dagar sedan
This streamers cat really loves her. *Everyone liked that*
ray 9 dagar sedan
Blame the Squirrel from Ice age for the crack in Antartica
DTVader 2007
DTVader 2007 9 dagar sedan
My blood is sonic rings
L Galoso
L Galoso 9 dagar sedan
one wrong move and that bikers dead
Boufie999 10 dagar sedan
02:33 Biden rally gathers steam...
Peachii_XD 10 dagar sedan
2:31 this is what my blood looks like close up
Burhan Huzefa
Burhan Huzefa 10 dagar sedan
That damn squirrel.
Well Played
Well Played 10 dagar sedan
“This person went biking in the mountains of Italy” More like *This man went risking his life biking on the TALL AND THIN mountains of italy*
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