Elephant Steals Hat And Eats It

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Gábor Králik
Gábor Králik 3 timmar sedan
But if they want to use the whole school, the heating bill will be enormous. Or the electricity bill because of air conditioning.
Gabriel Ramillano
Gabriel Ramillano 14 timmar sedan
old lady: can i have my hat back? elephant: *understandable have a good day*
Skorce Dag sedan
2:10 imagine hide and seek
Pluto Dag sedan
Elephants go brrrrrrrr
Bari Lyngdoh
Bari Lyngdoh 2 dagar sedan
0:35 anime fans: after all I have a purpose of living
El Marce Estrella
El Marce Estrella 3 dagar sedan
0:34 Lo que toda darla quisiera tener xddd
Caleb TC
Caleb TC 3 dagar sedan
Radioactivian 3 dagar sedan
Netflix: are you still watching? Someones daughter: 2:44
Otsenuf 3 dagar sedan
2:57 My cat likes to do that too!
Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner
Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner 3 dagar sedan
Elephant: Lemme show you a magic trick! *eats it* Woman: Can I please have my hat back? Elephant: Fine, but that'll be $10
Zoro Roronoa
Zoro Roronoa 4 dagar sedan
those tusks are really cool
Manuel Tiago
Manuel Tiago 4 dagar sedan
2:30 so the kids in the family are I a school close to 24 h each day?
stag beetle
stag beetle 5 dagar sedan
starvation in africa has gone too far
Angel Sinner
Angel Sinner 5 dagar sedan
i like this 0:35
Eunitnoc Gniebeniezeitrepxe? Lles
Eunitnoc Gniebeniezeitrepxe? Lles 5 dagar sedan
madsketcher 5 dagar sedan
Schoolhouse Shock! Quelle horreur! Can you imagine wanting to live in an indoctrination camp because that's where you peaked in life? I might even understand it if they did something interesting with the place... but nah. Looks like a place for squatters. Did some hobos come into wealth? What is going on? I have so many questions. Oh, so scary. No. Thank. You.
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 5 dagar sedan
I’m going to try and leave a comment on every video this is video 239
Tejvir 6 dagar sedan
wow ddoi clickbaited
Creation And Friends - Vlogging And Stuffs
Creation And Friends - Vlogging And Stuffs 6 dagar sedan
How many subscribers can I get from this comment Current: 9
Арфир Камуи
Арфир Камуи 7 dagar sedan
huh. never expected to see anime on here.
Netherite 7 dagar sedan
elephant : im hungry what i eat elephant again : oh cool a hat imma eat it elephant 100% again and again : ew its yucky elephant *AgAiN* : spits.
Jimbo Gahimbo
Jimbo Gahimbo 7 dagar sedan
0:03 if she lost it then she would have a great excuse
Dev 8 dagar sedan
"We only have like, 4 people In our family right?" "Yeah?" "What about the other rooms?" "...Fuck"
Vishal H
Vishal H 8 dagar sedan
3:03 then cat doesnt actually enjoy it as it has pulled its nails out and they do that when the are scared
Xirnis 9 dagar sedan
Id pay that japanese artist all my savings for his work thats amazing
Wigadama 9 dagar sedan
Imagined getting pinned by Daily Dose of Internet 😍
Blinkstate 9 dagar sedan
Elephant: nom
XXX T3NTAC1ON 9 dagar sedan
elephant gave the hat back like he was mad it had no taste 🤣
Plywoodcar Johnson
Plywoodcar Johnson 9 dagar sedan
Dogs smoke weed?
Doh Meh
Doh Meh 11 dagar sedan
0:57 and under the bridge there’s a giant text saying **MADE IN CHINA**
Seven Jones
Seven Jones 11 dagar sedan
Who else noticed how thin that cat was 1:52
YOXYO 12 dagar sedan
Hawwa Zoya
Hawwa Zoya 12 dagar sedan
Varah salhi
Daffaa Ahmad
Daffaa Ahmad 12 dagar sedan
Those animation is smooth as heck
George Kettleborough
George Kettleborough 13 dagar sedan
China copied the Millau Viaduct?
Habito Kun
Habito Kun 13 dagar sedan
2:45 is sooooooo wrong :P
•Peanutbutter and waffles •
•Peanutbutter and waffles • 13 dagar sedan
I love those animation things
Jarno 15 dagar sedan
I was waiting for the before after of the school but it's just a school with some furtniture lol
Fishman 15 dagar sedan
am i the only one who thought man what would happen if someone drove off that bridge?
churnburn 16 dagar sedan
the doggo finally caught his tail, he has transcended to doggo heaven
Haniya Passand
Haniya Passand 16 dagar sedan
That elephant: I’ll take a hat . . . . . And EAT IT
Clarence 16 dagar sedan
im sorry but that elementary school "home" looked like a low budget horror movie set
hamid Gh
hamid Gh 18 dagar sedan
Wayne Payne98
Wayne Payne98 18 dagar sedan
Netflix: Are you still watching? Somebody's daughter 2:44
Wayne Payne98
Wayne Payne98 18 dagar sedan
The elephant gave the hat back. Wholesome.
Sniper Rexy
Sniper Rexy 19 dagar sedan
Fun fact. The second video is from the legend himself
Digit8. chezz
Digit8. chezz 19 dagar sedan
0:35 man i want to do that
SყႦιʅAɾƚȥ 20 dagar sedan
Elephant: N O M
Nick Kayfabe
Nick Kayfabe 20 dagar sedan
0:57 But why? Why would you do that? Why would you do any of that?
Arvin Mathew
Arvin Mathew 21 dag sedan
Jesus Christ is coming soon. Repent and believe the Gospel. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16
Australia's Biggest Bass Channel
Australia's Biggest Bass Channel 21 dag sedan
The school house omg What a actual nightmare to be at school forever
NotDavid Wubbalubbadubdub
NotDavid Wubbalubbadubdub 23 dagar sedan
The entire time I wanted it to be a cattail
Shelia Kelley
Shelia Kelley 23 dagar sedan
0:35 he is using mechanical parts on them to make that 3 and 4
Tritri Agapi YouTube
Tritri Agapi YouTube 23 dagar sedan
Jendyel Armani Velez Collazo
Jendyel Armani Velez Collazo 23 dagar sedan
We need more elephants like him
afro disiac
afro disiac 23 dagar sedan
Raccoon: HOLD ME
TheHeavyMetalMan11 23 dagar sedan
1:49 what is that thing ? thats never a vaccum. so what is it for and why it drives alone ?
Fatima Diallo
Fatima Diallo 23 dagar sedan
i loev animals
The truth
The truth 24 dagar sedan
Sorry sir but the elephant ate my homework again
shaathenonebeliever 25 dagar sedan
Any yes to buy a school and turn it into a house The mozzarella stick tho
Contrivance 25 dagar sedan
I want to know who makes those anime cutouts I'd love to purchase some if they have them for sale
Harun Tab
Harun Tab 26 dagar sedan
Realy fun animals
Michael J. O’Neill
Michael J. O’Neill 26 dagar sedan
2:50 Talk about burning the roof of your mouth! 🔥 👄
Hamna Shujaat
Hamna Shujaat 26 dagar sedan
Elephant : IQ 99999999
*ItzClover* 26 dagar sedan
This man is a legend for never click baiting us
Jimbo Crispy
Jimbo Crispy 26 dagar sedan
Elephant: ooo, snack
MonstyrSlayr 26 dagar sedan
0:34 saving for myself
Kelsey Medley
Kelsey Medley 26 dagar sedan
0:57 absolutely not
Linsey Johnna
Linsey Johnna 27 dagar sedan
The acceptable blowgun iteratively hurry because robin immuhistochemically cure midst a spicy riddle. frequent, tasty cylinder
Moonpixie 27 dagar sedan
dood, im serioulsy impressed by the elephants reaction
Akronym Synonym
Akronym Synonym 27 dagar sedan
Elephant: "as you were begging, I would give you back your hat!"
AnubisFan 2557
AnubisFan 2557 27 dagar sedan
Wooooooah i Can't believe that btidge is sooo huge
fedup15 granny
fedup15 granny 28 dagar sedan
Buying A School And Making It Ur Home Is One Of The Most DUMBEST Things I've Ever Seen!!😒🙄🤨🤦
StarsMarsRadio 28 dagar sedan
Anybody that's played phasmophobia knows you don't want to live in an abandoned school
Donna Vivian
Donna Vivian 28 dagar sedan
The last three of these does's are repeats.
Youshimartz Cruz
Youshimartz Cruz 28 dagar sedan
This is my favorite one! 0:34
Grayix 29 dagar sedan
Vacuum: Oh no,Anyways
Rimpa Das
Rimpa Das 29 dagar sedan
*This cat likes to sit on his/her owner' hand* * . . . Too me it looks like the cat looks like it wants to say- hey hooman why the fucck are you putting your hand in my *ASS*
hridai 29 dagar sedan
hi I am big fan
GuyBronson 29 dagar sedan
That giant mozzarella stick clip lends itself to a LOT of unfortunate freeze-frames
Gazmatic 29 dagar sedan
Did that elephant just listen to that woman?
Amanda Hill
Amanda Hill 29 dagar sedan
That boi with the cheese stick lookin sus 😂
That One Phantom
That One Phantom 29 dagar sedan
the animator was doing a d v a n c e d t w e e n i n g
Lifewith Lee
Lifewith Lee Månad sedan
What a nice elephant 🐘 to give the hat back after it was in its mouth
Joseph stalin
Joseph stalin Månad sedan
Sequel:- elephant eats the grandma
Similak Child
Similak Child Månad sedan
0:56 China making great bridges and Failmerica can't even properly build a wall.
DelusionalLightツ Månad sedan
2:45 a little sus-
Pola & Tiger
Pola & Tiger Månad sedan
1:44 ~ The vacuum is struggling for kitty's love.
marcx Månad sedan
The mozarella cheese doe 😍
This animation is better that dang gacha girls
tip chaser
tip chaser Månad sedan
0:34 can i get a youtube link?
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Månad sedan
The abrasive tempo perceptually help because hip radiographically bubble out a troubled top. defective, windy trouble
Leo Leo
Leo Leo Månad sedan
The animations kinda look like there made of paper
藍月 Månad sedan
Daily Pets Of Internet✔️
Y/N L/N Månad sedan
The real question here is why it stole it-
Siptom Månad sedan
China really likes to build bridges
jayant jolly
jayant jolly Månad sedan
That racoon was traumatized for life!!!
Emma Morgan
Emma Morgan Månad sedan
It would be ironic if those kids that live in that school are homeschooled!
Juul Moose
Juul Moose Månad sedan
I love that racoon Edit: I love that weirdly sitting cat even more Edit: Omg, I most love that doggie
Juul Moose
Juul Moose Månad sedan
Mr elephant: 'Guys, lets have some fun! -'Eats hat' Mr elephant: 'Always fun to see the tourists shock' ''Oh, wait. Her sisters? -'Gives it back Mr elephant: 'I was just joking, don't worry... phew'
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