Crow Helps Hedgehog Cross The Street

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diego barrios
diego barrios 3 månader sedan
The last one scared me
Alicia Pruden
Alicia Pruden 2 månader sedan
Hohimomi Kudoki
Hohimomi Kudoki 2 månader sedan
Tasnim Khan
Tasnim Khan 2 månader sedan
It also scrared me
Cheems_The _Solmdier
Cheems_The _Solmdier 3 månader sedan
Cheems_The _Solmdier
Cheems_The _Solmdier 3 månader sedan
grotti motti
grotti motti 18 timmar sedan
i like the skate park ecause with jesus there they have secure safty on not being hurt becasuse god is there
Kandade Dag sedan
0:03 The bird was trying to eat, not to help
Sunny_ SkyS_
Sunny_ SkyS_ Dag sedan
ItsBanastic Dag sedan
that’s a magpie
Ozzie 2.0
Ozzie 2.0 2 dagar sedan
The church of flip kicks
yeetlord the hedgehog
yeetlord the hedgehog 2 dagar sedan
2:38 he has risen
yeetlord the hedgehog
yeetlord the hedgehog 2 dagar sedan
1:24 the most holy skate park on the planet
Sophie L
Sophie L 3 dagar sedan
The penitent walrus surely heat because self locally wander along a elite tuesday. highfalutin, false familiar famous interviewer
Rory Armstrong
Rory Armstrong 3 dagar sedan
I’m too scared to watch to the end of the video because the entire comment section is saying there is a jump scare💀
KayJeeAy 3 dagar sedan
i knew what would happen in the last one but it usually is on the third or fourth peekaboo the cat will attack, so i got a heart atta......
Abstracsity 4 dagar sedan
Magpie not a crow
Turn Time Cont
Turn Time Cont 4 dagar sedan
That last one scared the 💩 out of me
ゆりLilyButterCup 4 dagar sedan
LudaMeri 5 dagar sedan
The last one made my heart stop, that was the last thing I expected
GHOST DEMON 5 dagar sedan
2:10 is proof that their is more air in a bag of chips than actual chips lol
Mr. Cooper
Mr. Cooper 5 dagar sedan
You make my day better
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 5 dagar sedan
I’m going to try and leave a comment on every video this is video 231
Omkar Chavan
Omkar Chavan 6 dagar sedan
never seen an aesthetically good crow
hisoka addict
hisoka addict 7 dagar sedan
Oh god the last one was the best jumpscare ive ever experienced- even after 4 years of playing lots of horror games and watching horror movies i-
Ingo3112 8 dagar sedan
1:24 Yeah Thats remind me on Tonyhawks Underground 2 the Berlin Level .
Blueberry Stars
Blueberry Stars 8 dagar sedan
Cindy Kaufer
Cindy Kaufer 8 dagar sedan
I almost had a heart attack with the last one.
MukLeno 9 dagar sedan
I hate how i got jump scared on the last clip, I just jumped out of my seat, maybe i am a wimp
Wigadama 9 dagar sedan
Hey, you! Stop scrolling for a second, I've something to tell you! You know... dark times can happen. Bad days can happen, it can happen to be misunderstood, to be judged badly, and to no longer trust anything.
Danae Azucena
Danae Azucena 9 dagar sedan
I don’t like that people reacted and they don’t help it’s so annoying
Tonk BaDonk
Tonk BaDonk 9 dagar sedan
Accurate, it scanned the right amount of chips
Nova 9 dagar sedan
1:02 Wipe away my mistakes... That's all I have to do.
Blado 9 dagar sedan
"Handheld device to show you the inside of objects" *video only demonstrates viewing snacks through the snack packaging*
XXX T3NTAC1ON 9 dagar sedan
girl: why are you sill here go awayyy! seagull: ok i will go :( (YEET)
Joe Allen
Joe Allen 9 dagar sedan
your videos always make me smile, keep it up!
Liv 10 dagar sedan
Me: Scrolling trough the comments while watching the video The comments: "The end of the video scared me" "The end of the video gave me a heart attack" Me: Welp. Time to click off this video.
Chicken willie
Chicken willie 10 dagar sedan
Me when I get that remote “it’s my time to shine”
[Simularety Animations]
[Simularety Animations] 10 dagar sedan
Nature // got some talented |animals born in the /wild 🌳
Sheildit 11 dagar sedan
"from the ashes he will rise again.." daily dose of the internet-
puppy_lover Channel!
puppy_lover Channel! 11 dagar sedan
1:21 the ghost will be like: umm hello who are you🤨
꧁ꕥ NeonGirlYt UwU ꕥ꧂
꧁ꕥ NeonGirlYt UwU ꕥ꧂ 12 dagar sedan
0:39 Girl: "Why Are You Still Here?? go away..." Bird: "I'm Tired Of Being Told to Go Away... Goodbye"
TINBOY 12 dagar sedan
heaven is a halfpipe!
Ern Tzer Wong
Ern Tzer Wong 12 dagar sedan
The bird of kindness is here guys it will help stop bad things in the world like racism
Danku 12 dagar sedan
1:25 Kickflipping in thE NAME OF GOD!
Hudson Marshall
Hudson Marshall 12 dagar sedan
The crow: This is no place to die.
Rickey k
Rickey k 12 dagar sedan
From the ashes he will rise was hilarious it really looked like a d*ck 😂
Prins 14 dagar sedan
Ah yes. The 8 commandment states "Thou shall build skatepark in Gods house."
Will Parkes
Will Parkes 14 dagar sedan
0:31 me otw to the bathroom after eating 5 pounds of drywall from home depot
[weird stranger]
[weird stranger] 14 dagar sedan
h e g h o g
dosduros 15 dagar sedan
1:20 godly spinning trick!
Jaxson Friedman
Jaxson Friedman 15 dagar sedan
I love the vids keep it up just subscribe and liked😁🙂🙂🙂
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean 15 dagar sedan
use the F-ray device to try and find the golden cap
Jayden Barker
Jayden Barker 17 dagar sedan
thats what i call a house of god!
Attackoramic 17 dagar sedan
"from the ashes he will rise again"
Sebastiaan Rijkens
Sebastiaan Rijkens 17 dagar sedan
All vids are as discribed in the thumb 👍🏻👍🏻big thumbs up for you 😁
swedrft 17 dagar sedan
1:21 as they say the church is everyone's home
Mr. Crow
Mr. Crow 17 dagar sedan
Chris Bauer
Chris Bauer 18 dagar sedan
Faith in crowmanity restored!
lpotpot playz
lpotpot playz 19 dagar sedan
The hedgehog is secretly Sonic
Faris Alqadoumi alqadoumi
Faris Alqadoumi alqadoumi 19 dagar sedan
1:56 when you wanna bring a box of biscuits and u don’t know how much packets in it
Artistic Dreamer
Artistic Dreamer 19 dagar sedan
Teenagers using their parents money after midnight: *"interesting"*
Juhani Kuoivu
Juhani Kuoivu 22 dagar sedan
Tujkloo 22 dagar sedan
"why are you still here?" The bird: "just to suffer.."
blitzer25 blitz
blitzer25 blitz 23 dagar sedan
the Oyen the king
Michael Watson
Michael Watson 23 dagar sedan
Receipts don't use ink
afro disiac
afro disiac 23 dagar sedan
Humans can take notes of the crow and hedge
Abbey Zeng
Abbey Zeng 24 dagar sedan
he will rise again...
Amber Hermann
Amber Hermann 24 dagar sedan
Wait a minute there is alchohol in hand sanitizer? Wow and to think iv been buying 50 dollar bottles of wine, I'm gonna go get drunk for 2 dollar
Female_ Fox
Female_ Fox 25 dagar sedan
Well, actually the crow was probably trying to eat this hedgehog, but it's unprotected face was poking out only when the crow was pecking its back (the lower part, since it's less pricky than the top of the animal), everytime the crow was about to get access to the face, hedgehog was hiding it again and the crow needed to peck it in the back again.
Christian Playz
Christian Playz 25 dagar sedan
The last clip almost gave me a heart attack
Area 51
Area 51 26 dagar sedan
1:25 imagine the ghosts skating with the guys, just chilling.
JackiePea 26 dagar sedan
My cat is a fry thief!!
the person who boonks people
the person who boonks people 27 dagar sedan
1:40 God showing up in there to show his flips
Dr Bones
Dr Bones 28 dagar sedan
1:20 god would probably like this way more than a boring speech about human morality ^^
Wayno Sando
Wayno Sando 28 dagar sedan
Jon Hop
Jon Hop 29 dagar sedan
2:48..... um......
RainDrop Studio
RainDrop Studio 29 dagar sedan
I may or may have not just almost threw myself out of my window from that last one.
Pyxlless 29 dagar sedan
the last one almost killed me
Jcob Månad sedan
Downing School
Downing School Månad sedan
So much for Sonic the hedgehog
Denise Mendoza
Denise Mendoza Månad sedan
1:22 What a good way to treat god or Jesus by giving them content by skateboarding
JJ Hyde
JJ Hyde Månad sedan
I hope the hedgehog wasn’t the crows dinner
Woody Kopec
Woody Kopec Månad sedan
This church occupied by skates really scares ME
Aiden Gundrum
Aiden Gundrum Månad sedan
1:11 Reusable receipts when?
Preston S
Preston S Månad sedan
Looks like the predatory corvid tried to eat it
Nine-Tailed RAINBOW
Nine-Tailed RAINBOW Månad sedan
In 2021 we need all the hand sanitizer we can get! 0:48
WRX Panda
WRX Panda Månad sedan
Daily dose of internet: the crow guided the hedgehog to safety Crow: onward peasant
Kevin I.
Kevin I. Månad sedan
"from the ashes he will rise again.." I don't know about you but that was slightly worrying
Hexi Månad sedan
0:41 im batman...
Jake Ames
Jake Ames Månad sedan
1:52 damn, it really is just full of air.
Maya Månad sedan
Probably the crow wanted to eat the hedgehog!?
hard_ cat
hard_ cat Månad sedan
1:28 skaitng in the name of jesus
Łorecles lazy Interstellar Teacup
Łorecles lazy Interstellar Teacup Månad sedan
The crow in the beginning was a magpie because of the white on its wings. Crows don’t have white
ラーメン神 Månad sedan
White KittyKat
White KittyKat Månad sedan
I read the comments and got spoilers about the cat jump scare, and I knew it was coming. But I still got scared. THREE TIMES.
Butterツ Månad sedan
2:09 give me that right now
Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes
Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes Månad sedan
0:32 wait... That petrol station has a subway?
2010stoof Månad sedan
The receipt thing is actually because it's heat transfer paper. The alcohol causes the paper to cool very fast. Can be done the opposite way with a hair dryer making the whole thing turn black.
Flip Turu
Flip Turu Månad sedan
2:55 frosty the fascist snowman will Rise again 😂
Wixion Månad sedan
the crow wants to eat the hedgehog in peace
Shadow X
Shadow X Månad sedan
*Friendship never ends*
OffroadArmbar Månad sedan
Fun fact: there's no ink on receipts, its just marked from heat and pressure. Next time you have one, you can write on it using only your fingernails
Mr_ZeeBeastALT Månad sedan
1:23 im christian but MAN THAT SKATE PARK BE LOOKIN FINE
Ryan Zabel
Ryan Zabel Månad sedan
the crow is a magpie
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