Giving A Banana A Tattoo
Elephant Steals Hat And Eats It
Lava Devours An Entire Car
Dog Sliding Down A Snowy Hill
Cat Addicted To Catnip
2 månader sedan
Porcupine Loves To Get Pet
Dog Rescued From Tar Pit
3 månader sedan
Whoporschedatis 22 timmar sedan
Remember the good old days when high school sophomores threw their kids in the dumpster?
radzahir1 22 timmar sedan
boom boom boom
Alex Mythix
Alex Mythix 22 timmar sedan
0:06 neighborhoodN
Kelliecans Can
Kelliecans Can 22 timmar sedan
I guess they like salsa 😂
Carrot Man
Carrot Man 22 timmar sedan
Can’t wait when there are 100 thousand frogs invading canada
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson 22 timmar sedan
this blew my mind
Joe Perez
Joe Perez 22 timmar sedan
She should've named the cat blimb cause its as big as one lol 😆 and the dog Harvey 👌
Plumbob 22 timmar sedan
Help me im scared of houseplants now
Xploration 22 timmar sedan
three raisins
three raisins 22 timmar sedan
"Oh why did he eat the bee?"
Dustin Huck
Dustin Huck 22 timmar sedan
Yeah that plastic road ain’t gonna do very good down here in Texas 😂
Games Fortnite and Roblox Pls
Games Fortnite and Roblox Pls 22 timmar sedan
Liam Saladyga
Liam Saladyga 22 timmar sedan
0:58 minecraft water
Chey Thompson
Chey Thompson 22 timmar sedan
That cat has had too much T H I C C water
SteveF1967 22 timmar sedan
2:10 I’d like to see the Giant Mallo Sea Slug.
Barbara Hernandez
Barbara Hernandez 22 timmar sedan
He did not so what I think he did
Daniel Holland
Daniel Holland 22 timmar sedan
That dog be like NO THOTS
Osvaldo Reyes
Osvaldo Reyes 22 timmar sedan
みこあゆ 22 timmar sedan
Wait since when do Walrus’s eyes pop out like that
Free Robux
Free Robux 22 timmar sedan
0:32 that’s kinda cool to look at actually
ThePolishCow 22 timmar sedan
Epic Math Time
Epic Math Time 22 timmar sedan
0:42 I like how the lizard's technique totally worked against the grown ass human being.
YourAverageLoser 22 timmar sedan
The speed force is angry barry
KFP Ranger Wolfe
KFP Ranger Wolfe 22 timmar sedan
The cat may have unique looking eyes, but do they taste unique is the question?
irshad idris
irshad idris 22 timmar sedan
that was the softest landing ever
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 22 timmar sedan
How aren't u gonna tell us about the planets in the river lol, that was the most interesting thing
Jeff Cann
Jeff Cann 22 timmar sedan
0:25 fake. You can see she never hits her head
nick paz
nick paz 22 timmar sedan
is it bad that my first thought was damn this like $6000+ worth of paragliders ruined. glad they are okay though.
Benjamin Rex
Benjamin Rex 22 timmar sedan
On the first one I can hear him say “BI”
_604Xs133py _
_604Xs133py _ 22 timmar sedan
0:11 so Phil, is it?
Just Another Cancerous Person
Just Another Cancerous Person 22 timmar sedan
Chicken become human
Premonition 22 timmar sedan
For the next April 1, yo should click bait us as a April fools joke
Yoonyia Chang
Yoonyia Chang 22 timmar sedan
The second one is a airbender
bigmacatak 22 timmar sedan
just chew the bee
JayHoa Piano
JayHoa Piano 22 timmar sedan
Damn Nathan Fort out here with his bo staff
MarcBossYT 22 timmar sedan
Arthur Aquino
Arthur Aquino 22 timmar sedan
Energy 22 timmar sedan
1:10 anyone can come and ruin their shit Edit: they break at the end lol
Monsterbwoi 22 timmar sedan
he didn't forget if you listed to what he said
cozzy 22 timmar sedan
Ima need that voice changer
Zombobalean 22 timmar sedan
Myah Moonlight
Myah Moonlight 22 timmar sedan
I have gave a banana a tattoo it’s called a sharpie
chaerycafe 22 timmar sedan
my anxiety when the cycler went between the coco cola truck and the bus: 📈📈
Buccaneers 22 timmar sedan
Helicopter be like “I’m out”
Gacha zedrick
Gacha zedrick 22 timmar sedan
R.I.P cupcake😔😔
StaceyMcpipkin32 22 timmar sedan
Happy birthday 🎉
173 Banditz
173 Banditz 22 timmar sedan
nawh self driving cars? GAY
Phoebe Smith
Phoebe Smith 22 timmar sedan
jese, that guy have type 5 hair!
Rev LMP 22 timmar sedan
Don't ever cut trees
DLC Chrislip
DLC Chrislip 22 timmar sedan
now how do the blind people read the text back
Astro_ C4
Astro_ C4 22 timmar sedan
You ain’t never seen a bag of Doritos that full. Not in any of the 4,280,963 realities.
Sxarcm 22 timmar sedan
3:12 its cute n all but if i saw that roaming around my house i'd move out
Joe Perez
Joe Perez 23 timmar sedan
That girl @0:32 is "soo cute" 😍 I wanna give her a "good kiss" 😘 lol 😅
Cole St Peter
Cole St Peter 23 timmar sedan
magnvss 23 timmar sedan
Those Baobab trees in Madagascar are the only ones you can see kilometres around; they are almost the only ones left (they are trying to replant them but it's a dubious effort) and the country in general is a mess and an ecological disaster. People chops everything that grows for fire but that's not the only issue.
Metal Master
Metal Master 23 timmar sedan
when the gorilla has better taste than you do you: what am I even supposed to say? _this shouldn't exist..._
Async_ Bruins ツ
Async_ Bruins ツ 23 timmar sedan
now we know how mcdonald's food is made!
Metal Master
Metal Master 23 timmar sedan
0:00 - 3:23 _what it feels like to_ *chew five gum*
Software Engineer
Software Engineer 23 timmar sedan
Cat: "Whats up fellow black specie" Man: "Holly shit, what a scary black cat, ... its definitely bad luck"
spoopskii 23 timmar sedan
Grampa got ran over by a raindeer, coming home from Wal-Mart that week. You can say the no such thing as karma, but we believe.
NTL Clutch
NTL Clutch 23 timmar sedan
Day 1 of getting famous of comments👋 pls subscribe
Tro:lmaso 23 timmar sedan
*This is fine*
• Twisted Leaf •
• Twisted Leaf • 23 timmar sedan
The ‘airbags’- sorry don’t you mean floaties?
Berlinda Martinez
Berlinda Martinez 23 timmar sedan
The erratic soil natively release because sister unlikely number outside a available writer. bad, exotic operation
Mike Breen
Mike Breen 23 timmar sedan
Rowdy pool party!!!!
Manglify 23 timmar sedan
1:29 me when i get drunk:
Dark 23 timmar sedan
1:15 Yeah but at least they had the decency to still blur his face lmao
Penguinplayer 23 timmar sedan
In the beginning I think Thor was fighting in a volcano
Rocket Robot
Rocket Robot 23 timmar sedan
2:15 star wars warp speed lol
Damian Saldana
Damian Saldana 23 timmar sedan
The dog with different eyes looked just like my grandmas dog.
Potato_King_ 23 timmar sedan
wtf are they doing to that black cat...
A Michael Norden
A Michael Norden 23 timmar sedan
Reminds me of the fainting goat
Monicasongcat 23 timmar sedan
I saw the blind kitty on tiktok-
Maxim Verhaak
Maxim Verhaak 23 timmar sedan
Me With that banana: naughty naughty
mike b
mike b 23 timmar sedan
Fire ant fight!
Berlinda Martinez
Berlinda Martinez 23 timmar sedan
The protective attack arguably sigh because bread alternately place notwithstanding a overrated apparel. deserted, thick fur
Martin Mejia
Martin Mejia 23 timmar sedan
Fun fact: if you pararchute breaks you have the rest of your life to fix it
Niki Chat
Niki Chat 23 timmar sedan
I bet the air bag will suffocate them. That's what it will do to a kid under the age of twelve who sits in the front seat in a collision. It either suffocates them, or breaks their neck and then suffocates them.
Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes 23 timmar sedan
That's the pier from gta
Daniel Merredew
Daniel Merredew 23 timmar sedan
Plot twist the American Secret Service thought he was a fighter jet and shot him down with 5 nuclear bombs